Woman arrested for faking child's death

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CLARKSVILLE, TN (WSMV) - A Clarksville pistillate is facing charges aft claiming that her autistic kid was dead.

Alicia Maslo was thrilled her lad made a caller friend.  “It’s truly hard for children with peculiar needs to not lone marque friends, but support friends,” she explained. “So, it’s truly thing erstwhile they tin link with idiosyncratic connected a deeper level.”

An SRO astatine Providence Middle School called Vanessa Blanchard connected Oct. 29, 2021, to inquire wherefore her 12-year-old kid had been absent from school. Blanchard told the SRO that her autistic kid had died aft having a seizure 2 days before.

“The kids were truthful upset the teachers were crying connected the telephone to the parent,” Maslo said. “My lad came location bawling his eyes out, hugging me, talking astir however helium couldn’t judge helium was gone. He was like, ‘I conscionable saw him, I don’t recognize wherefore he’s gone.”

The schoolhouse raised wealth and tried to assistance to wage for the child’s ceremonial astatine Sykes Funeral Home. The schoolhouse contacted the ceremonial location to donate the funds and were told it did not person immoderate ceremonial arrangements for the child.

The schoolhouse contacted Blanchard again, who told them the kid was astatine the infirmary awaiting an autopsy.

On Nov. 16, the child’s school-issued laptop was progressive astatine the Vacation Motor Motel. A sheriff’s lawman went to the motel and saw the kid successful the room.

Blanchard told deputies that she had near the 12-year-old unsocial successful the motel country by himself implicit the past 2 weeks and checking connected him whenever she could, which was regular oregon every-other-day.

In December, Maslo and her lad walked into a GameStop and though they saw a ghost. “We walked successful the doorway and conscionable stood stalk still,” she recalled. “Standing close determination was his friend, who, you know, was months dead.”

Deputies charged Blanchard with contributing to the delinquency of a kid and mendacious content of death. She was arrested connected Wednesday. She is acceptable to look successful Montgomery County General Sessions Court connected Wednesday, Jan. 19.

“It’s the astir disgusting happening that I could person ever heard,” Maslo said. “I could ne'er ideate my kid being gone, fto unsocial lying astir it.”

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