When Prince Harry was mistaken for Christmas tree salesman: 'He was a chill lad'

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 He was a chill ladWhen Prince Harry was mistaken for Christmas histrion salesman: 'He was a chill lad'

Ahead of the vacation season, royal admirers are recalling the instant erstwhile Prince Harry was thought to beryllium a Christmas histrion salesman during his buying spree with Meghan Markle.

The couple, that stepped retired successful California successful 2020, soon aft they moved to the US bought their Christmas decorations astatine a store successful Santa Barbara.

However, a young lad successful the store mistook Harry for 1 of the unit selling the trees.

"The excited kid ran done the trees to the duke and "asked if helium worked here", store salesman James Almaguer claimed.

James besides revealed that Harry was a "chill lad" and Megan was "very kind".

Posting connected Twitter, James wrote astatine the time: "Meghan and Prince Harry came into my enactment contiguous and we sold them their Christmas tree.

"It was anticlimactic, but a very, precise absorbing experience.

"We had our batch bare erstwhile they got determination - their cause promoted them a bully clip to travel alternatively of america shutting it down.

"There was 1 household successful determination and their stoked small lad ran done trees up to Harry and asked if helium worked present not knowing who that is.

"They look similar precise bully radical honestly. Meghan sounds precise benignant and Harry sounded and acted similar a chill lad honestly. I’m truly gladsome they liked our trees. We got the champion we could get. Very appreciative," helium concluded.

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