This is how astronauts celebrate Thanksgiving in space

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(CNN)The holidays inactive hap successful space, they conscionable look a small spot different. But the sentiments are the same.

"I'm going to bash immoderate I tin to amusement however thankful I americium for my crewmates," said NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei successful a NASA video shared from the International Space Station Monday. "It's fantastic having each of these folks up here. We haven't been up present unneurotic that long, but wow it definite has been fantastic already."

The abstraction presumption volition big 7 unit members passim the vacation season.

    The planetary unit includes Russian cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov and Pyotr Dubrov, NASA astronauts Raja Chari, Thomas Marshburn, Kayla Barron and Vande Hei, and European Space Agency astronaut Matthias Maurer.

      "We'll beryllium moving but looking guardant to an awesome repast together," Barron said. "We'll invitation our cosmonaut colleagues to articulation us, truthful it's a precise planetary Thanksgiving."

        The astronauts shared traditions they usually stock with their families. Chari said helium and his household typically spell astir the array and person each idiosyncratic accidental what they are thankful for, truthful he's going to telephone successful "and bash that remotely" this year.

        The astronauts usually telephone location to speech with friends, household and loved ones connected holidays spent acold from home.

          Chari besides said portion Thanksgiving-themed runs similar Turkey Trots hap connected Earth, helium brought peculiar colored headbands for him and the unit to deterioration arsenic they tally disconnected their vacation repast connected the abstraction station's treadmill.

          This year, the astronaut Thanksgiving paper includes crab bisque, roast turkey, potatoes au gratin, candied yams and cherry blueberry cobbler.

          "I conscionable privation my household to cognize however overmuch I admit their emotion and support. Even though I'm going to beryllium truly acold distant and moving truly fast, my bosom is decidedly with them," Vande Hei said.

          Holidays distant from Earth

          Astronauts person marked the contented of celebrating holidays successful abstraction since the days of the Apollo mission, erstwhile the Apollo 8 unit famously shared their Christmas Eve connection successful a unrecorded tv broadcast successful 1968 by taking turns speechmaking from the Book of Genesis successful the Bible.

          It's been 50 years since Apollo 8 agreed  a fractured world

          The first Thanksgiving successful abstraction was celebrated connected November 22, 1973, erstwhile Skylab 4 astronauts Gerald P. Carr, Edward G. Gibson and William R. Pogue each ate 2 meals astatine dinnertime, though thing peculiar was connected the paper for the occasion. The 3 worked connected and supported a spacewalk lasting six hours and 33 minutes earlier successful the time and missed lunch.

          The adjacent 1 didn't hap until November 28, 1985, erstwhile the 7 members of the STS-61B unit of Brewster H. Shaw, Bryan D. O'Connor, Jerry L. Ross, Mary L. Cleave, Sherwood C. "Woody" Spring, Charles D. Walker, and Rodolfo Neri Vela enjoyed a peculiar repast connected the abstraction shuttle Atlantis.

          In summation to shrimp cocktail, irradiated turkey and cranberry sauce, Neri Vela famously brought tortillas to space. Unlike bread, which crumbles easily, tortillas are a cleanable summation to the abstraction menu, and they are an astronaut favourite to this day. Recently, tortillas were the cleanable conveyance for abstraction tacos made utilizing the archetypal chile peppers grown successful space.

          Astronauts person  a taco sensation  trial  utilizing archetypal  chile peppers grown successful  space

          The archetypal Thanksgiving connected the abstraction presumption took spot connected November 23, 2000, conscionable 3 weeks aft the trio of NASA astronaut William M. Shepherd and Russian cosmonauts Yuri P. Gidzenko and Sergei K. Krikalev arrived. The festive repast kicked disconnected a solemnisation that has taken spot connected the presumption each November since.

          The abstraction presumption hosted the largest and astir divers Thanksgiving solemnisation yet successful 2009. A six-astronaut crew, including Jeffrey N. Williams, Maksim V. Suraev, Nicole P. Stott, Roman Y. Romanenko, Frank L. DeWinne and Robert B. Thirsk, were already connected board. Then, they welcomed six members of the STS-129 abstraction shuttle crew, which brought Charles O. Hobaugh, Barry E. Wilmore, Michael J. Foreman, Robert L. Satcher, Randolph J. Bresnik and Leland D. Melvin aboard.

          The 12 unit members represented the United States, Russia, Belgium and Canada, and they celebrated unneurotic 2 days aboriginal since the shuttle departed the abstraction presumption connected Thanksgiving itself.

          How to big a Thanksgiving meal successful space

          How these holidays are marked and celebrated is up to each idiosyncratic crew, and abstraction veterans thin to stock suggestions and ideas with rookies earlier they spell up, NASA astronaut Dr. Andrew Morgan told CNN successful 2020.

          Morgan spent the entirety of the vacation play connected the abstraction presumption successful 2019 alongside crewmates Jessica Meir, Christina Koch, Alexander Skvortsov, Oleg Skripochka and Luca Parmitano.

          It's not Thanksgiving successful  abstraction  without immoderate   handmade turkey decor.

          It was a engaged clip connected the abstraction presumption with aggregate spacewalks and experiments connected the schedule, but the astronauts were capable to come together for a peculiar repast that play with their planetary unit members and speech astir what Thanksgiving meant to them.

          Turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes are connected the modular paper for NASA astronauts successful space, but they besides saved peculiar treats similar smoked salmon and cranberry condiment to stock with each other. In space, the cranberry condiment perfectly retains the signifier of the tin it came in. Meir and Koch besides made manus turkeys for their array decor.

          In 2020, the paper included cornbread dressing, smoked turkey, greenish beans and mashed potatoes. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Soichi Noguchi brought immoderate Japanese "party food" to share, including curry rice, reddish legume atom and immoderate peculiar seafood that a Japanese precocious schoolhouse pupil connected Earth prepared for the crew.

            For NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins, it was his 2nd Thanksgiving successful abstraction aft spending the vacation connected the presumption successful 2013.

            "For me, Thanksgiving is each astir family," Hopkins said. "This year, I'm spending it with my planetary family. We each consciousness precise blessed to beryllium up present and we're precise grateful for everything we have."

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