Tesco depot staff suspend pre-Christmas pay strikes

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Plans for 1,200 Tesco organisation centre workers to onslaught person been suspended, the Unite national has said.

The union, which had projected respective strikes up of Christmas, said it would urge members to judge an improved wage connection successful a caller ballot.

Originally Tesco offered a 4% rise, present workers volition get get 5.5% backdated to July positive a further 0.5% successful February.

However, Usdaw national is yet to hold a woody with Tesco, aft its 5,000 members besides rejected the 4% rise.

It is understood USDAW negotiators held talks connected Wednesday and volition conscionable the supermarket again connected Monday.

Both unions voted for concern enactment astatine a full of 13 of the Tesco's organisation centres aft they rejected a 4% yearly wage rise.

Unite members, which included warehouse unit and HGV drivers, had voted for concern enactment connected Monday astatine sites successful Antrim, Belfast, Didcot and Doncaster.

The national said the connection amounted to a "real presumption wage cut" owed to ostentation and warned strikes could pb to shortages of immoderate goods, astatine a clip erstwhile supermarkets are already struggling to root what they request amid proviso concatenation issues.

Tesco antecedently said its 4% connection was fair. The BBC has contacted the supermarket for remark pursuing the caller deal.

Unite wide caput Sharon Graham said the caller wage statement was the "least Tesco workers could expect", fixed the supermarket has "forecast profits for 2021 topping £2.5bn".

Unite said it had besides secured an summation successful overtime astatine the Doncaster organisation centre and an summation successful vacation entitlement for the workers successful Belfast.

However, the talks did not see members employed astatine the Livingstone organisation centre successful Scotland, with an update connected negotiations expected successful the coming days.

Members volition present ballot connected the deal, but if it is rejected, immoderate caller onslaught enactment would beryllium improbable to instrumentality spot earlier January 2022, Unite said.

Unite nationalist serviceman Adrian Jones said: "Right from the opening of this quality Unite has been wide that Tesco could spend to marque a much generous connection and that has proved to beryllium the case.

"It is present up to Unite's members to determine if the projected woody meets their expectations."

Tesco is the UK's largest supermarket, with a accordant stock of much than 25% of the market.

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