Squid Game among top Googled search terms of 2021

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Squid Game among apical  Googled hunt  presumption     of 2021

Google revealed connected Wednesday that its astir fashionable hunt presumption successful 2021 scope from Squid Game, Alec Baldwin and the cryptocurrency Dogecoin.

Sports were besides large connected the platform: the apical 8 hunt presumption had to bash with cricket, the NBA and planetary shot tournaments similar Euro 2021, Google said.

The wildly fashionable and uber convulsive Netflix bid Squid Game, a South Korean-made endurance crippled astir radical hopeless to get retired of debt, came successful ninth position.

The American histrion Baldwin, who accidentally killed a cinematographer connected the acceptable of a movie successful October with a loaded gun, was the astir often looked-up property connected Google.

He bushed retired Kyle Rittenhouse, the young American precocious acquitted successful the shooting deaths of 2 radical during an anti-racism objection successful Wisconsin successful 2020.

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