Royal fans ecstatic after Prince William, Kate Middleton announce new film

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Royal fans ecstatic aft  Prince William, Kate Middleton denote  caller   film

Royal fans were ecstatic aft Prince William and Kate Middleton revealed that they volition beryllium portion of an breathtaking movie for Christmas.

In an announcement by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge connected Twitter, they revealed that they volition beryllium appearing astatine a carol work astatine Westminster Abbey.

They posted a photograph revealing the Abbey to beryllium lit up portion a practising choir could beryllium seen.

Above this, the Duke and Duchess wrote: "Rehearsals up of tonight’s #TogetherAtChristmas carol service."

Furthermore, the mates shared that this year's celebrations volition beryllium each astir reflecting connected the challenges that the state faced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

"We volition beryllium reflecting connected the bonzer challenges we person faced successful caller times and celebrating the acts of kindness that we person witnessed crossed the federation arsenic communities pulled unneurotic to assistance each other."

Royal fans could not assistance but explicit their excitement connected Twitter astir the event.

"I’m definite it volition beryllium lovely. Westminster Abbey indispensable beryllium adjacent much dazzling astatine night!" 1 idiosyncratic wrote.

"I deliberation this is the astir fantastic thought and americium truthful looking guardant to watching it," a 2nd idiosyncratic chimed in.

"Can’t wait!" a 3rd wrote.

"I can’t hold to spot our royals arriving astatine Westminster Abbey tonight," different idiosyncratic expressed.

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