Residents get to stay after threats of closure

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CHICAGO (CBS) — A rollercoaster thrust for dozens of families surviving successful a southbound suburban edifice aft signs went up saying they had to determination retired due to the fact that of information concerns.

But precocious Wednesday afternoon, they learned they tin stay. CBS 2’s Steven Graves reports from Matteson with what changed. The section occurrence section claimed large problems needed to beryllium fixed and resolved aft radical felt the panic of perchance not having anyplace to live. Mother of 5 Stephanie McWilliams was stressed Wednesday morning.

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“It’s really, truly hard.”

The motel been McWilliams’ location for the past weeks aft surviving home violence, reacting and rushing to find what to bash aft Tuesday’s news, that she and different radical staying astatine a Travel Lodge Hotel successful Matteson would person to permission by 5:00 Wednesday evening.

“Being present has really been comforting for us,” she said.

Mc Williams added she has besides felt safe, contempt what the Matteson Fire Department described arsenic “an abundance” of codification and information violations.” Officials said they were archetypal notified successful February of past twelvemonth erstwhile idiosyncratic staying determination complained.

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Fire officials aboriginal reported uncovering malfunctioning fume alarms successful 20 rooms and sprinklers strategy issues connected the precocious levels. Hotel absorption said they were keeping up with alarm upgrades and a power sheet lone needed insignificant fixes. They claimed the occurrence section jumped the weapon successful threating a unopen down and enactment with contractors to hole issues was ongoing.

“But owed to COVID, we person to hold until the radical was capable to travel and springiness america our turn. And contiguous was that. It was scheduled for today,” said manager Latricia Washington.

“The occurrence alarm contented has been an contented successful the past and it’s resolved now,” added Matteson Fire Chief Michael Bacon.

On Wednesday, occurrence and metropolis inspectors came retired and gave the each clear. Meaning, astir 80 radical similar McWilliams are relieved they tin stay. The occurrence main didn’t spell into further item connected if determination volition beryllium further inspections connected different imaginable issues.

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CBS 2 reached retired to the Village of Matteson, but truthful far, nary response. The sister institution of the hotel, Wyndam Hotels, said it did scope retired to the proprietor present erstwhile they learned of concerns, but it’s unclear erstwhile that happened.

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