Queen under risk of wolf, bear attack in environmentalist's ecological plan

1 month ago 24
Queen nether  hazard  of wolf, carnivore  onslaught  successful  environmentalists ecological plan

Environmentalist Chris Packham has called for the royal household to amended the "ecological condition" of its land.

However, Troy curate Lord Marland has fired backmost saying that it could endanger the Queen to bears and wolves successful her estate.

The remark comes aft Packham delivered a petition, signed by 100,000 radical demanding that the monarch rewild its estates.

He said: “This is simply a clip for action. The clip for talking is finished.

“We’re successful hopeless occupation and if [the Royals] were to clasp this anterior to COP26, deliberation what a connection that would nonstop to the world.

“They’re successful a precise almighty presumption to bash thing precise powerful. I deliberation it’s clip to measurement up.”

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