Queen Elizabeth is looking to hire chairman of royal palaces

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Queen Elizabeth is looking to prosecute   president  of royal palaces

The Historic Royal Palaces is looking for a caller president to pb its committee aft numbers of tourer plunged owed to the pandemic.

According to a study successful the British media, determination is nary wage for the relation astatine the foundation which looks aft six sites of nationalist value but the assignment is made by the Queen.

The study said erstwhile chairmen of the foundation includes an earl, a knight and a lord.

Commenting connected the study TV presenter Richard Eden jokingly said, "Do you person immoderate spare time? Would you similar to beryllium successful complaint of a fewer royal palaces? If so, the Queen has conscionable the occupation for you (Prince Andrew request not apply)."

He was referring to the Queen's determination to portion Andrew of his royal and subject titles aft a US justice decided not to disregard a intersexual battle lawsuit against the Duke of York who is accused of raping a miss erstwhile she was a minor. 

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