Princess Diana always 'returned' William, Harry's Christmas gifts: Here's Why

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 Heres WhyPrincess Diana ever 'returned' William, Harry's Christmas gifts: Here's Why

Princess of Wales and parent of Prince William and Harry, ever ensured her kids were taught to beryllium grounded, contempt their royal status.

Diana, who wanted her sons to turn up arsenic mean arsenic possible, particularly oversaw their Christmas gifts and returned immoderate her sons did not require.

As per her erstwhile bodyguard, Ken Wharfe, William and Harry would person Christmas gifts from astir the satellite and Diana often donated each of them to charity.

"Diana was precise cautious to guarantee that they weren’t flooded with gifts – gifts did look from chartless sources, and they were often returned oregon fixed to foundation due to the fact that they didn’t request them," Mr Wharfe told OK! 

“She was precise conscious astir what she bought arsenic she knew the hallway astatine Sandringham would beryllium afloat of presents."

According to Mr Wharfe, gifts Diana, who loved buying books and video games for her kids, ever utilized to store herself. 

He explained: "She was precise generous with gifts. She knew the crushed level program astatine Harrods and Harvey Nichols and buying was ever a hands-on experience."

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