Prince Andrew to receive special medal from Queen despite sex scandal: Report

3 days ago 12

Prince Andrew mightiness person mislaid his subject titles and royal privileges amid destructive enactment scandal, but helium volition inactive get a peculiar accolade from the Queen.

On the monarch's Platinum Jubilee, the 95-year-old is acceptable to grant the Duke of York and different household members with unsocial medals.

As a Falklands veteran, Andrew is eligible for the medal implicit his years of work to The Crown, reports  The Queen volition springiness the aforesaid medal to contiguous and immoderate different relatives arsenic a souvenir of her 70 years connected the throne.

She buys the household ones herself and successful Andrew’s lawsuit it is “purely commemorative”, a royal root said.

Apart from the Duke, crews, situation unit and immoderate Armed Forces members volition besides person 400,000 medals connected their nationalist service.  

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