North Carolina judge rules police body camera video in the Jason Walker shooting case can be released

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(CNN)A North Carolina justice has ruled that constabulary assemblage camera video from the aftermath of a fatal shooting by an off-duty sheriff's lawman connected Saturday successful Fayetteville tin beryllium released to the public.

Jason Walker, a 37-year-old Black man, was changeable and killed by Cumberland County Sheriff's Deputy Lt. Jeffrey Hash, who told authorities helium had jumped connected his vehicle.

Hash's attorney, Parrish Daughtry, told CNN the shooting was self-defense, citing a North Carolina instrumentality that includes a stand-your-ground provision.

      What you request   to cognize  astir  'stand your ground' laws

      Judge James Ammons Jr. ordered the merchandise of the bodycam videos of the 3 Fayetteville Police Department officers who responded to the country wherever Walker was shot.

        Fayetteville Police Chief Gina Hawkins had requested support from the tribunal to merchandise the videos, which she said contained statements from 3 witnesses.

          "FPD is seeking nationalist merchandise of the witnesser connection recordings to beforehand compelling nationalist interest, merchandise would not make a superior menace to the just medication of justice," she wrote successful the filing.

          In North Carolina, instrumentality enforcement officials indispensable petition the tribunal for support earlier instrumentality enforcement bureau recordings tin beryllium released oregon shared publicly.

          Family demands justice

          Walker's household and civilian rights lawyer Ben Crump demanded justness astatine a gathering astatine the Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church successful Fayetteville connected Thursday.

          "I archer you brothers and sisters successful Fayetteville, North Carolina tonight, that it is the close happening to do, that we talk up for the information of what happened to Jason Walker, that we combat for the information of what happened to Jason Walker," Crump said.

          The household has inactive not received immoderate details of the autopsy oregon preliminary findings of the investigation, helium said.

          Crump added that Hash was an serviceman who was expected to beryllium trained to support radical not to instrumentality life.

          "We got to halt this vicious rhythm successful America of sprout archetypal and inquire questions aboriginal erstwhile it's Black people. It's unacceptable," Crump said.

          Preliminary probe

          According to the police, a preliminary probe showed Walker "ran into postulation and jumped connected (the) moving vehicle" that the sheriff's lawman was driving. "The operator of the conveyance changeable (Walker) and notified 911," according to a connection Saturday by Fayetteville police.

          "I had a antheral leap connected my conveyance and interruption my windshield. I conscionable changeable him. He jumped connected my vehicle. I conscionable had to sprout him," Hash told the dispatcher successful a astir four-minute 911 call.

          "I stopped truthful I wouldn't deed him and helium jumped connected my car and started screaming; pulled my windshield wipers off, and started beating my windshield and broke my windshield. I had my woman and my girl successful my vehicle," Hash added.

          On Saturday evening a bystander posted a video that began moments aft Walker had been shot.

          It shows a antheral lasting adjacent the driver's broadside of a reddish pickup motortruck portion making a telephone connected a compartment phone. A idiosyncratic appears to beryllium lifeless and bleeding connected the crushed beside him, and astatine slightest 2 radical look to beryllium trying to connection assistance to the idiosyncratic connected the ground. Uniformed constabulary officers get astir 45 seconds aft the video starts.

          On Sunday, Chief Hawkins said an investigation of the vehicle's alleged "black box" showed that the "vehicle did not interaction thing oregon anyone," and a windshield wiper had been torn disconnected and utilized to interruption the windshield successful respective places.

            "It's important to stock immoderate of the confirmed facts of this lawsuit with the nationalist to guarantee transparency arsenic this probe proceeds," she said. And added that the limb utilized by Hash was not his work weapon.

            The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation is starring the probe and truthful acold nary charges person been filed. The Cumberland County Sheriff​'s Office has confirmed that Hash, ​who has been with the section since 2005, is present connected administrative permission pending an interior investigation.

            Devon Sayers and Amy Simonson contributed to this report

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