Mercedes ends partnership with firm allegedly involved in Grenfell Tower insulation before deadly fire

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(CNN)Mercedes' F1 squad announced connected Wednesday that it has "mutually agreed" to extremity its concern with a steadfast allegedly progressive successful providing insulation for the Grenfell Tower earlier the deadly occurrence successful London which killed 72 radical successful 2017.

The woody with cladding steadfast Kingspan was announced lone past week, with the logo appearing connected Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton's and Valtteri Bottas' cars for the contention successful Saudi Arabia implicit the weekend.

However, it was a woody that received a batch of backlash for Kingspan's alleged ties to the insulation astatine Grenfell Tower.

    The UK's lodging secretary, Michael Gove, said successful a missive to Mercedes Formula 1 squad main enforcement Toto Wolff that helium hoped the squad would "reconsider" the commercialized concern arsenic it "threatens to undermine each the bully enactment the institution and athletics person done."

      Campaign radical Grenfell United, made up of survivors and the bereaved families of the fire, said they met with Wolff to supply him and his squad "the facts of Kingspan's engagement successful Grenfell" aft calling for the concern to beryllium severed.

        'Football is the champion  cure for anything:' The nine  providing solace 4  years aft  the Grenfell Tower occurrence

        "Announced past week, the caller concern included Kingspan chairing a caller Sustainability Working Group for the squad and aimed to present c reductions done their leading-edge environmentally sustainable solutions for the team's aboriginal campus," Mercedes said connected Twitter.

        "However, some parties person subsequently concluded that it is not due for the concern to determination guardant astatine the existent constituent successful time, notwithstanding its intended affirmative impact, and we person truthful agreed that it volition beryllium discontinued with contiguous effect."

          In a connection released connected Wednesday, Kingspan said: "We are profoundly alert of the sensitivities raised successful caller days, and truthful we person jointly agreed that it's not due to determination guardant astatine the existent constituent successful time."

          Grenfell United said it was "pleased to hear" the quality of the termination of the woody with Kingspan.

          Kingspan added it had "no relation successful the Grenfell Tower refurbishment," portion besides acknowledging that the "Kingspan Insulation UK concern is simply a halfway subordinate successful the Grenfell Tower Inquiry."

          In Gove's missive to Wolff, helium said Kingspan manufactured K15 insulation that was utilized successful Grenfell Tower and that grounds from Kingspan employees successful the Grenfell Tower Inquiry recovered that they knew their "products were much combustible than they were advertizing them to be."

          "In written and verbal testimony, erstwhile Kingspan unit person accepted that their attack to certification of the materials was 'fundamentally misleading,'" Gove says, "and that they decidedly knew that it was much combustible than they portrayed; and that their attack was 'to get distant with arsenic overmuch arsenic possible.'"

          The remains of Grenfell Tower are pictured, successful  westbound  London connected  June 15, 2017.

          In its Wednesday statement, Kingspan said it understood it is simply a "complex topic."

          "We did not marque the exterior cladding connected Grenfell Tower," the institution said. "The Inquiry itself has stated that 'the main reason' for accelerated occurrence dispersed connected Grenfell was the Polyethylene cored ACM cladding utilized connected the exterior of the building. No façade strategy utilizing this PE ACM cladding, careless of the insulation used, would person passed the indispensable large-scale strategy occurrence test. Our K15 insulation committee was misused successful this unsafe and non-compliant system.

          "We did not proviso oregon urge K15 to Grenfell Tower. K15 made up astir 5% of the insulation furniture of the façade system. It was substituted without our knowledge.

            "We person completed caller tests which enactment the erstwhile occurrence information claims of the 3 humanities K15 large-scale strategy tests which came into question during the Inquiry process."

            The Grenfell Tower Inquiry is ongoing.

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