Matt Damon: My Daughter Taught Me Not To Use ‘F-Slur For A Homosexual’ — *Months* Ago

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Matt Damon, famously a begetter of daughters, had to beryllium taught by his children that he’s not expected to usage homophobic slurs specified months ago. 

For immoderate reason, the “Stillwater” histrion volunteered this accusation successful a caller interrogation with The Sunday Times, successful which helium ruminated connected the changing definitions of masculinity successful Hollywood and his numerous media missteps

The Oscar-winner, who has 3 daughters with woman Luciana Barroso, revealed that during a caller repast with his family, helium said the connection “faggot,” overmuch to the dismay of 1 of his children, who are aged 15, 12 and 10.

“The connection that my girl calls the ‘f-slur for a homosexual’ was commonly utilized erstwhile I was a kid, with a antithetic application,” helium told the outlet. “I made a joke, months ago, and got a treatise from my daughter. She near the table.”

“I said, ‘Come on, that’s a joke! I accidental it successful the movie “Stuck connected You!”’” Damon continued, referencing the much-derided 2003 movie — yes, a movie that came retired astir 20 years ago. “She went to her country and wrote a precise long, beauteous treatise connected however that connection is dangerous. I said, ‘I discontinue the f-slur!’ I understood.”

His admittance struck galore fans arsenic peculiarly frustrating, fixed that helium is simply a 50-year-old antheral surviving successful the twelvemonth 2021. 

“So Matt Damon conscionable figured retired ‘months ago’, by mode of a ‘treatise’ from a child, that he’s not expected to accidental the connection f*ggot,” comedian Travon Free wrote connected Twitter.

“So not lone did this 50-year-old antheral request to beryllium taught this, but helium had to beryllium taught by his girl because, apparently, helium was walking astir saying it successful beforehand of her capable that she had to halt him,” different Twitter user added. “Trash.” 

“I’m astir the aforesaid property arsenic Damon + I’ve known this connection was a slur since my teens. Pretty unthinkable magnitude of privilege to *just* recognize it now,” a antithetic idiosyncratic wrote

This isn’t the archetypal clip Damon has enactment his ft successful his rima erstwhile it comes to the LGBTQ community. On a disastrous property circuit successful 2015, helium lightly argued successful favour of cheery actors staying successful the closet.

In a aboriginal interrogation with Ellen DeGeneres, helium claimed his comments were mischaracterized, saying that helium was “just trying to accidental actors are much effectual erstwhile they’re a mystery.”

And yet, Damon seemingly has yet to larn his acquisition — adjacent portion reflecting connected however his thoughtless remarks tin rapidly go planetary news.

Using a bizarre analogy, helium said, “Twenty years ago, the champion mode I tin enactment it is that the writer listened to the euphony much than the lyrics [of an interview]. Now your lyrics are getting parsed, to propulsion them retired of discourse and get the champion header possible.”

“Before it didn’t truly substance what I said, due to the fact that it didn’t marque the news,” helium continued. But possibly this displacement is simply a bully thing. So I unopen the fuck up more.”

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