Manchester Arena attack: Man arrested over bombing wanted in drugs probe

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By Daniel De Simone
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Zuhir Nassrat was linked to 2 of the 3 chemicals utilized by the Abedi brothers

A antheral arrested during the Manchester Arena bombing probe is connected the tally successful Libya and wanted by constabulary for his relation successful a drugs conspiracy.

Zuhir Nassrat, 23, was linked to 2 of the 3 chemicals utilized by the Abedi brothers to marque the weaponry that killed 22 radical successful May 2017.

He was arrested but not charged successful narration to the attack. He denied playing immoderate portion successful what happened.

Salman and Hashem Abedi were liable for the bombing.

Three trials astatine Manchester Crown Court, the past of which ended earlier, person elaborate the transgression activities of associates of the bombers.

In the last case, six men, of whom 5 pleaded guilty, person been convicted of their portion successful a conspiracy to proviso drugs, including cocaine, from January 2017 until December 2020.

Those convicted, each from southbound Manchester, are:

  • Brothers Mohammed and Ebrahim Sadigh
  • Illyas Abudaber
  • Hamza Azouz
  • Hamam Alhamruni

The archetypal 4 person appeared successful the grounds astatine the ongoing Manchester Arena Inquiry owed to their links to the Abedi brothers oregon different suspects.

Sentencing volition instrumentality spot connected a day to beryllium fixed.

Shamsudin Khalifa, the lone antheral to proceed to trial, was recovered not blameworthy earlier.

Image source, Greater Manchester Police

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Brothers Mohammed (right) and Ebrahim Sadigh are among those convicted of conspiracy to proviso drugs

The trials heard concern cards were printed and dispersed astir Manchester advertizing named "drug lines", comprising telephone numbers wherever radical could bid narcotics, the proceedings was told.

Neil Fryman, prosecuting, said constabulary "haven't managed to drawback up" with Nassrat and different man, but "from the grounds that's been collected it's wide they're involved".

Nassrat is understood to beryllium successful Libya.

The tribunal heard that phones belonging to Nassrat and Abudaber were seized by constabulary connected 17 April 2017, much than a period earlier the bombing, from a crashed car connected Wilmslow Road, Rusholme.

A mobile attributed to Nassrat was a "drug dealer's phone", jurors were told, showing the proprietor to beryllium a "street runner directed by different persons to present the drugs".

It was lone aft the arena attack, and so aft Nassrat had been questioned by constabulary for 2 weeks, that officers recovered the telephone had been utilized to hunt for 1 of the 3 chemicals needed to marque the deadly explosive TATP.

The google searches had been deleted, but were forensically recovered from the phone.

Following the arena attack, Nassrat had been arrested and questioned astir wherefore his slope details were utilized successful 3 unsuccessful attempts successful March 2017 to acquisition different chemical.

He had texted his location code to Hashem Abedi and photos of a slope paper to Ebrahim Sadigh.

The archetypal attempted acquisition was traced to Nassrat's home.

Image source, Greater Manchester Police

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Illyas Adubaber's wifi was utilized successful attempted weaponry chemic purchases

When Hashem Abedi made further attempted purchases of the chemic connected Amazon, helium utilized a wi-fi web astatine a country rented by Abudaber successful Rusholme.

Nassrat was questioned again by counter-terror officers successful 2019. He was not charged and near the UK soon afterwards.

Neither Ebrahim Sadigh nor Abudaber would supply witnesser statements to the arena bombing investigation, though some denied cognition of the crippled erstwhile archetypal approached by officers aft the atrocity.

Abudaber faced a abstracted proceedings successful July past year, which tin present beryllium reported, aft helium was arrested successful October 2019 pursuing a high-speed car pursuit successful southbound Manchester involving constabulary cars, a helicopter, and the fishy driving implicit a "stinger" designed to burst his tyres.

After crashing, helium fled connected ft but was arrested by police. He had been carrying a loaded revolver, drugs, thousands successful cash, and a shot bat successful the footwear of his achromatic Audi.

Abudaber pleaded blameworthy possessing the amerciable items but denied having the weapon with an "intent to endanger life". The assemblage acquitted him of this much superior charge.

"I had nary volition of utilizing the firearm whatsoever," helium told jurors, adding helium was fixed the weapon to clasp by a starring trader whom helium would not name.

"I was excessively frightened to accidental nary to him truthful I had to instrumentality it," helium said.

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Elyas Elmehdi was an subordinate of the Abedi brothers

This drugs conspiracy is the 2nd to look from the arena bombing investigation, showing the transgression discourse successful which the Abedi brothers operated.

Both drugs trials fell nether the aforesaid cognition codename, which was archetypal generated by the coercion investigation.

The Abedis had stored explosives successful a Nissan Micra purchased specifically to store the lethal material, which they parked extracurricular a level associated with a person called Elyas Elmehdi portion the brothers were successful Libya.

On his accomplishment backmost successful the UK connected 18 May 2017, days earlier the attack, Salman Abedi went consecutive to the Micra successful the car parkland of Devell House successful Rusholme.

When officers raided the spot a week aft the bombing, they recovered that a abstracted conveyance adjacent to the Micra had been utilized by Elmehdi and others to store drugs.

Image source, Greater Manchester Police

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Salman Abedi pulling a suitcase afloat of explosive worldly distant from Devell House connected 19 May 2017

The BBC antecedently revealed that Elmehdi fled to Libya, contempt remaining a fishy successful the arena investigation, and was convicted and sentenced successful his lack for his relation successful a conspiracy to proviso cocaine and different drugs.

Mohammed Sadigh, convicted successful the 2nd drugs prosecution, had really been arrested with Elmehdi 5 days earlier the arena onslaught portion they were visiting the convicted violent Abdalraouf Abdallah successful situation connected Merseyside.

They had been attempting to walk implicit a container containing tablets to the prisoner.

Elmehdi and different Sadigh member had earlier accompanied Salman Abedi connected a situation sojourn to Abdallah, who himself became s fishy successful the bombing probe owed to his links to Abedi.

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