Liverpool bomb: Taxi driver 'spotted red light on bomber's vest'

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Watch: The cab pulled up extracurricular Liverpool Women's Hospital and exploded into flames

The cabbie who survived the Liverpool infirmary blast lone realised it was a weaponry erstwhile helium spotted a reddish airy connected the attacker's vest, a information defender said.

Darren Knowles ran to assistance David Perry, who escaped his taxi seconds earlier it burst into flames extracurricular Liverpool Women's Hospital connected 14 November.

Emad Al Swealmeen died erstwhile a homemade instrumentality exploded soon earlier the 2 minutes' Remembrance Sunday silence.

Mr Knowles said Mr Perry had "acted precise rapidly and precise bravely".

Iraq-born asylum seeker Al Swealmeen was a rider successful the taxi.

Police person antecedently said the weaponry had shot bearings attached to it, which could person caused "significant wounded oregon death".

Mr Perry was taken to infirmary but has since been discharged.

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Darren Knowles says helium was inactive "very shocked" the detonation happened astatine a maternity hospital

Mr Knowles was lasting lone metres distant from the taxi erstwhile the weaponry exploded.

He told BBC North West Tonight helium did not realise it was a weaponry initially due to the fact that "there wasn't a precise large bang" and conscionable saw achromatic smoke.

"I conscionable thought it was a malfunction with the car and conscionable ran implicit and spot if helium was each right," Mr Knowles, from Runcorn successful Cheshire, added.

"[Mr Perry] said: 'Been blown up, been blown up. There's a weaponry successful my car'.

"[The taxi driver] seen a small reddish airy connected the vest the rider was wearing, that gave it distant for him to bash thing and helium acted precise rapidly and precise bravely."

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Taxi operator David Perry, pictured with his woman Rachel, was injured successful the blast

Mr Knowles said helium stopped Mr Perry from going backmost to his vehicle, which was present engulfed successful flames, and "gave him a large hug".

The information defender said helium was inactive "very shocked" the detonation happened astatine the hospital, not slightest due to the fact that 2 of his children had been calved there.

"You don't expect that to hap astatine a kids' infirmary wherever determination are new-born babies.

"There's nary request for that."

Mr Knowles said helium was trying to "keep himself busy" and "not to dwell connected it excessively much".

"I'm inactive having the unusual flashbacks but I'm coping," helium added.

"I'm conscionable gladsome the taxi driver's OK."

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Emad Al Swealmeen died successful the blast

Mr Perry has antecedently said it was a "miracle helium is alive" and has fixed "special thanks" to unit astatine Liverpool Women's Hospital.

Merseyside Police said investigators person present closed the cordon astatine the infirmary aft a "painstaking examination".

The unit has besides opened a mobile constabulary presumption astatine the infirmary to "reassure unit and the public".

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