Leonardo DiCaprio talks about new film 'Don't Look Up'

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Leonardo DiCaprio talks astir  caller   movie  Dont Look Up

Leonardo DiCaprio calls his caller movie "Don't Look Up" a gift.

Not due to the fact that helium got to enactment with a formed that includes Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Timothee Chalamet and Jonah Hill, to sanction conscionable a few, but due to the fact that the movie captures the perils of clime change, portion besides making radical laugh.

"I deliberation we each looked astatine this arsenic an incredibly unsocial gift," said DiCaprio, 1 of Hollywood's astir vocal campaigners connected the environment.

"We'd been wanting to get the connection retired determination astir the clime crisis, and Adam (McKay) truly cracked the codification with creating this narrative," helium said.

Released successful movie theaters connected Friday and connected Netflix connected Dec. 24, "Don't Look Up Now" takes a satirical look astatine however the media and politicians dainty clime issues. The crippled sees 2 lowly astronomers (played by DiCaprio and Lawrence) trying to pass a satellite that doesn't look to attraction astir a immense comet connected people to destruct the Earth successful six months time.

DiCaprio said he'd been looking to bash a movie astir the clime situation for a portion but uncovering the close attack had proved difficult, until now.

"You either bash immoderate existential travel done a person’s lifetime, oregon you marque it a catastrophe movie wherever New York freezes over,” DiCaprio said.

Streep plays an egotistical U.S. president, with Hill arsenic her fawning lad and main adviser. Blanchett and Tyler Perry play breezy TV quality anchors, Chalamet is simply a teen drop-out and Mark Rylance plays a bizarre tech billionaire with his ain agenda.

Director Adam McKay said that portion radical whitethorn presumption the movie arsenic taking a governmental stance "the large instrumentality is that we privation you to laugh."

"At its root, it's a comedy," helium said.

DiCaprio said helium was drawn to the movie due to the fact that helium wanted to enactment scientists.

"I wanted to extremity my chapeau to radical who give their lives to this issue, who cognize what they're talking about, and effort to springiness them a small spot of a voice," helium said.

The Oscar-winning histrion called himself a "Debbie Downer" connected the advancement of efforts to code the clime crisis, but helium added: "Hopefully films similar this ... commencement to make antithetic conversations, and much radical talking astir it volition propulsion the backstage assemblage and the powers that beryllium to marque monolithic changes.” Reuters 

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