Kellogg’s Workers Reject Tentative Deal, Choose To Stay On Strike

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Roughly 1,400 workers who marque cereal for Kellogg’s person voted to crook down a tentative statement reached betwixt the institution and their union, opting to enactment retired connected onslaught for a amended deal.

The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers’ International Union said Tuesday that members had “overwhelmingly” rejected the imaginable declaration that would person ended the two-month enactment stoppage astatine plants successful Battle Creek, Michigan; Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Omaha, Nebraska; and Memphis, Tennessee.

“The members person spoken. The onslaught continues,” Anthony Shelton, BCTGM’s president, said successful a statement. “The International Union volition proceed to supply afloat enactment to our striking Kellogg’s members.”

One of the biggest sticking points successful negotiations has been Kellogg’s two-tier strategy that offers newer, “transitional” employees little wage and less benefits than “legacy” workers. The little tier is presently capped astatine 30% of a plant’s caput count, but Kellogg’s initially projected lifting that headdress to grow the little tier and prevention connected labour costs.

The connection that workers conscionable voted down would person instantly moved existent transitional employees into bequest wage and benefits if they had 4 years connected the job. It besides would person moved different transitional workers into bequest positions astatine the complaint of 3% of the plant’s headcount each twelvemonth of the contract. Under the existent system, transitional workers tin lone determination into bequest compensation erstwhile a bequest idiosyncratic leaves.

But Dan Osborn, a works mechanic and president of the section successful Omaha, said helium and galore different workers had “mixed feelings” astir the proposal, particularly erstwhile it comes to the two-tier system. He estimated that lone astir 15 transitional workers astatine his works would instantly person into bequest workers due to the fact that truthful fewer of them had been astir for 4 years, though helium said the fig mightiness beryllium greater astatine different facilities.

“It could decidedly beryllium stronger successful immoderate areas, particularly erstwhile it comes to the two-tier,” Osborn said up of the ballot count.

The wage rates alteration by position, but workers accidental bequest employees often gain astir $30 per hour, portion transitional workers gain substantially less. Under the latest offer, caller hires would commencement retired astatine $22.76, according to a proposal outline from Kellogg’s. Transitional roles besides travel with little charismatic status and wellness benefits.

Kellogg’s said successful a connection that it was “disappointed” workers had rejected the latest offer: “It appears the national created unrealistic expectations for our employees.”

The institution added: “The prolonged enactment stoppage has near america nary prime but to prosecute imperishable replacement employees successful positions vacated by striking workers. These are large jobs and posting for imperishable positions helps america find qualified radical to capable them.”

Workers successful declaration fights astir the state person been revolting against two-tier systems, weary of the mode they disagreement employees and weaken their unions. Such systems tin sow acrimony betwixt groups of workers since they’re treated differently, undermining the union’s strength.

Kevin Bradshaw, a 20-year seasoned astatine the Memphis Kellogg’s works who besides serves arsenic his section union’s president, told HuffPost successful October that workers astatine his works weren’t funny successful being partitioned.

“You’re driving the workforce into the crushed by separating radical and not treating them equally,” helium said. “Same job, little money. Who would privation to enactment that way?”

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