Karachi teenager killing: Injured friend refutes police claim of encounter

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Arsalan Mehsud was changeable  and killed by Orangi Town constabulary  precocious   Monday nighttime  - File photoArsalan Mehsud was changeable and killed by Orangi Town constabulary precocious Monday nighttime - File photo

KARACHI: New details of the alleged sidesplitting of teenage boy, Arsalan Mehsud, person emerged pursuing the connection of his injured friend, Yasir, to constabulary connected Wednesday.

Arsalan was allegedly changeable by Orangi Town constabulary precocious Monday nighttime during what appears to beryllium a fake encounter, portion Yasir was injured.

Yasir has spoken astir what transpired that evening and refuted constabulary claims that Arsalan was killed successful an "encounter".

The Orangi Town constabulary had claimed the shoot-out took spot adjacent the constabulary presumption successful Orangi Town No. 5. In the speech of fire, they said, 1 chartless fishy was killed, portion his companion fled. The constabulary claimed they recovered 1 pistol with 5 bullets connected the deceased.

The victim's person told the constabulary that the suspected constable, Tauheed, and his comrade Umair, were not successful uniform.

Yasir said helium and Arsalan were riding a caller motorcycle connected their mode backmost from a coaching centre. He said they were driving astatine a debased velocity erstwhile they were stopped by plain-clothed men, who proceeded to occurrence shots astatine them.

"I was struck by the archetypal bullet, aft which we fell disconnected the bike," said Yasir, arsenic helium narrated the bid of events that night.

"The 2nd changeable missed us. Arsalan was struck by the third, and helium collapsed connected the road," helium said.

Describing the shooter arsenic a antheral dressed successful pants and a shirt, Yasir said the antheral reloaded his pistol, upon which helium fled from determination and has nary hint of what transpired next.

Yasir told the constabulary that neither he, nor Arsalan, were armed.

Investigation by the police

Police had earlier claimed that they had tried to halt 2 men connected a motorcycle astatine a picket. The 2 men, successful response, opened occurrence alternatively of stopping, claimed police. Police said 1 of the suspects died portion his accomplice managed to escape.

However, DIG West Nasif Aftab rejected the connection of the constabulary serviceman who had changeable astatine the victim, saying that the suspicious brushwood did not instrumentality spot astatine the picket. Rather, it took spot astatine a region from it, helium said.

According to the DIG West, the on-duty constabulary unit who fired astatine the youngsters was successful plainclothes, not successful his uniform. The constabulary serviceman progressive successful the incidental has been taken into custody, helium disclosed.

"A constabulary authoritative named Tauheed and a antheral identified arsenic Umair tried to halt the young men adjacent Orangi constabulary station," helium said. "When the boys refused to stop, Tauheed opened occurrence connected them."

The DIG said that 1 of the bullets deed Arsalan connected his waist, which led to his demise. "The survivor, Yasir, was changeable successful the leg," helium said.

A three-member enquiry committee comprising SSP Central, SSP Investigation Central and SP Gulberg has been formed to analyse the incident. The Orangi Station House Officer has been suspended implicit the incident.

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