Kanye West details why he punched man in LA: 'He had real attitude'

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Kanye West is dishing existent crushed helium struck a antheral to the crushed successful caller LA altercation.

Speaking to  Hollywood Unlocked successful a caller interview, the Donda hitmaker shared that the feline was not a instrumentality but a idiosyncratic trying to marque wealth disconnected his autographs. 

"So arsenic acold arsenic the paparazzi goes, it wasn't a fan," helium claimed, according to glimpse of the interview.

"It was 3 a.m. successful beforehand of the Warehouse. I'm saying, 'You don't cognize what I'm dealing with close now.' I conscionable finished these 2 songs, I came from the studio," West said, adding: "And this dude, helium conscionable had this existent attitude, like, 'What you gonna do? And spot that?' Imma conscionable archer you, that bluish COVID disguise ain't halt that knockout, you cognize what I'm saying?"

Kanye noted that the antheral was "taking autographs to marque wealth connected them. This is the aforesaid arsenic the paparazzi, this is not a fan. This is idiosyncratic who is utilizing your image, who astir apt ne'er listened to your songs."

In the TMZ altercation video, West was spotted shouting "get distant from me" astatine a pistillate who told him, "I americium your family."

"No! No, you were expected to speech to her," West screamed astatine her.

The 44-year-old successful the interrogation adds that 'her' successful his connection was woman Kim Kardashian, with whom his relative was expected to sermon parental matters connected behalf of the rapper.

"So I extremity up getting into an altercation with the feline that wanted to marque wealth disconnected of my autographs, past my relative pulls up and she's talking to me," helium continued. "I say, 'Give maine a breather. Get distant from me.' She is not taking accountability for the information that she did not bash what she was expected to do, and that added to maine being successful a temper wherever I was like, 'I americium not going to person this.'"

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