How the UK's teacher of the year inspired me at school

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By Tyler Edwards
BBC News

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It was rather an affectional infinitesimal for maine reuniting with Miss Chase aft astir 4 years

When I saw a sanction I've not seen for 3 years adjacent to the words "Teacher of the Year" connected Wednesday night, I wasn't astatine each surprised.

The pistillate who helped maine execute my dreams of moving arsenic a writer had yet got the designation she deserved.

After graduating from Miss Chase's - Abigail Chase to everyone other - English and media classes successful 2018, 1 twelvemonth aboriginal her notation helped maine get connected an apprenticeship people for the precise website I'm penning for now.

If I wasn't taught by the teacher of the year, who knows wherever I'd beryllium today.

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Me, erstwhile I was 11 years aged and starting retired astatine Bassaleg School

Meeting Miss Chase for the archetypal clip arsenic a precise shy 11-year-old astatine Newport's Bassaleg School, it was wide she was the benignant of teacher that ever went supra and beyond.

From the clip she petitioned against exam boards erstwhile she thought I deserved a higher people to taking clip retired of her luncheon breaks to archer maine "you tin bash it" erstwhile the unit of exams got excessively much.

Also, giving maine astir apt 1 excessively galore extensions for my media coursework deadline besides showed her generosity... and patience.

It's uncommon having a teacher that leaves specified a lasting interaction connected you aft schoolhouse - and adjacent goes truthful acold arsenic to power your career.

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Same smile... amended hair. I joined BBC Wales arsenic a trainee successful September 2019

Even erstwhile pupils person near school, Miss Chase doesn't hide them.

My member Brandon, who is present successful Year 12 astatine Bassaelg School, often comes location and says: "Miss Chase was asking astir you today. She said she saw you connected the BBC again."

If it wasn't for Miss Chase encouraging maine to use to beryllium a BBC apprentice, I don't rather cognize what I'd beryllium doing today, but I surely wouldn't beryllium sitting here, typing these words.

When I went backmost to spot her astatine schoolhouse today, it felt similar I should've been successful my azygous and tie.

It felt unusual coming afloat ellipse - conscionable 3 years agone she was teaching maine astir the media. Now, I'm interviewing her arsenic a writer for the BBC.

And adjacent though the infinitesimal was astir her immense accomplishment, she inactive tried to capable the clip we had to speech astir my achievements.

"Oh my gosh... I'm truthful arrogant of you," she said earlier giving maine the accidental to congratulate her.

"It's truthful beauteous to spot you successful this occupation that you enactment truthful hard for."

The infinitesimal was "very, precise emotional" and adjacent acceptable disconnected caput teacher Ms Lambe arsenic we were talking astir however Miss Chase changeable from English teacher to subordinate headteacher for pedagogy and reflective signifier successful a substance of years.

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Miss Chase won the metallic grant for Teacher of the Year successful a Secondary School earlier bagging the apical prize

She said she hasn't stopped crying since she recovered retired astir her triumph connected her accomplishment astatine schoolhouse connected Wednesday.

When it was announced connected BBC's The One Show that night, her household "couldn't judge it".

"At archetypal my member kept saying, 'so you've won? You've won the full thing?'"

She walked into cheers from immoderate her pupils and was presented with a trophy from the National Teaching Awards.

Despite each lessons being highly organised and structured, judges said this was done "in the astir integrated of ways" and "every pupil is fixed a voice".

'She pushes america to bash our best'

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Lilly (left), Gracie and Isaac are each Miss Chase's Year 7 pupils

Her passionateness has besides inspired 100 of students, with her Year 7 pupil Isaac saying: "She pushes america a lot, is truly adjuvant successful people and is an astonishing teacher."

"It's truly astonishing to cognize you're taught by the champion teacher successful the UK. You consciousness similar the champion class," said classmate Gracie.

"She pushes america to bash our champion and 100%."

For Miss Chase, processing truly bully relationships with her pupils, arsenic good arsenic "making them consciousness harmless and making them consciousness similar they tin beryllium successful" is what it takes to merit this award.

That is thing she has made me, and countless others, feel.

So - for everything - convey you, Miss.

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