Historic Photographer of the Year Awards 2021 winners revealed

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Steve Liddiard has been named wide victor of the Historic Photographer of the Year Awards 2021, for his photograph of the Whiteford Point Lighthouse successful the Gower Peninsula, Wales.

Image source, Steve Liddiard

"The lighthouse was built successful 1865 to a plan by John Bowen, of Llanelli, to people the shoals of Whiteford Point, replacing an earlier piled operation of 1854, of which thing remains," explains Mr Liddiard.

"It is the lone wave-swept cast iron tower of this size successful Britain."

Entries to the competition were judged connected originality, creation and method proficiency alongside the communicative down the submission and its humanities impact.

"The awards show the immense dedication that entrants often spell to erstwhile trying to seizure that cleanable shot, whether rising successful the dormant of nighttime to seizure the cleanable sunrise oregon climbing, hiking and trekking their mode to observe far-flung places from our past," said broadcaster and historiographer Dan Snow, who was a contention judge.

The Historic England class was won by Sam Binding's presumption of the celebrated Clifton Suspension Bridge successful Bristol during a misty sunrise (below).

Image source, Sam Binding

"I regularly instrumentality my canine for a locomotion astatine sunrise successful Bristol," said Mr Binding.

"The span acts arsenic a gateway to the city, and mist adds a magic prime to an already stunning scene."

The Where History Happened class went to Iain McCallum for his drone representation of the shipwrecks of the Wastdale H and Arkendale H, which tragically collided successful the River Severn successful October 1960 (below).

Image source, Iain McCallum

Here is simply a enactment of shortlisted images from this year's competition.

The Shambles, York, England, by David Oxtaby

Image source, David Oxtaby

Hereford Cathedral, England, by Jo Borzsony

Image source, Jo Borzsony

Sunkenkirk, Lake District, England, by Matthew Turner

Image source, Matthew James Turner

Remains of the Kingdom of Commagene, Mount Nemrut, Turkey, by Mehmet Masum Suer

Image source, Mehmet Masum Suer

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany, by Michael Welch

Image source, Michael Welch

Battersea Power Station, London, by Pete Edmunds

Image source, Pete Edmunds

Corfe Castle, England, by Sam Binding

Image source, Sam Binding

Bamburgh Castle, England, by Scott Antcliffe

Image source, Scott Antcliffe

Brewery Shaft, Nenthead Mines, England, by Tom McNally

Image source, Tom McNally

The Atomic Bomb Dome, Hiroshima, Japan, by Wayne Budge

Image source, Wayne Budge

1973 US Navy C-117D, successful Iceland, by Yevhen Samuchenko

Image source, Yevhen Samuchenko

Hadrian's Wall, England, by Kayleigh Blair

Image source, Kayleigh Blair

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