Government 'endorses' independent regulator for English football

1 week ago 23
Tracey Crouch believes autarkic regulator volition fortify English football

The instauration of an autarkic regulator for English shot (IREF) has been "endorsed successful principle" by the government.

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has welcomed the reappraisal and said the authorities volition enactment connected a "substantive response" to beryllium presented adjacent spring.

"We are astatine a turning constituent for shot successful this country," she said.

"Football requires a strong, autarkic regulator to unafraid the aboriginal of our nationalist game.

"The authorities volition present enactment astatine gait to find the astir effectual mode to present an autarkic regulator, and immoderate powers that mightiness beryllium needed."

More to follow.

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