Former Obama White House adviser pleads guilty to wire fraud for stealing over $200,000 from charter schools he founded

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Seth Andrew speaks astir  charter schools connected  C-SPAN successful  2017

(CNN)A erstwhile White House advisor to erstwhile President Barack Obama pleaded blameworthy to 1 national number of ligament fraud for stealing much than $200,000 from a charter schoolhouse web helium helped recovered and attempting to launder the funds to get a little involvement complaint connected a owe for a Manhattan apartment, according to national prosecutors.

Seth Andrew, 42, was arrested and charged past April on counts of ligament fraud, wealth laundering and making mendacious statements to a bank, according to tribunal documents. Andrew antecedently pleaded not blameworthy to the charges against him successful transportation to the allegations.

He present faces a maximum condemnation of 20 years successful situation for the ligament fraud complaint and agreed to wage restitution to the charter schools web for the wealth helium stole, according to a Southern District of New York quality release.

    "Seth Andrew, a erstwhile White House advisor, admitted contiguous to devising a strategy to bargain from the precise aforesaid schools helium helped create," US Attorney Damian Williams said successful the quality release. "Andrew present faces clip successful national situation for abusing his presumption and robbing those helium promised to help."

      The erstwhile Obama White House advisor is scheduled to beryllium sentenced successful Manhattan national tribunal April 14.

        Andrew's attorney, Edward Kim, said successful a connection that "Seth's beingness has ever been motivated by a civic ngo and helium profoundly regrets his past mistakes. He has, with courage, accepted work for them. With the assistance and enactment of his household and loved ones, Seth looks guardant to deepening his committedness to work and innovation successful the adjacent section of his life."

        As CNN antecedently reported, prosecutors said Andrew helped make a web of charter schools based successful New York City successful 2005, near the web successful 2013 for a occupation astatine the US Department of Education, and aboriginal became a elder advisor successful the Office of Educational Technology astatine the White House, wherever helium continued to beryllium paid by the charter schoolhouse network. Prosecutors accidental Andrew near his relation successful the White House successful November 2016 and chopped ties with the schoolhouse web successful January 2017.

          According to a transgression ailment filed connected April 20, prosecutors alleged that betwixt March and August of 2019, Andrew utilized his erstwhile relation with the web of schools to bargain $218,005 of the school's reserve wealth by utilizing his email code affiliated with the schools to email a slope worker and person them that helium was inactive associated with the school, which helium was not.

            The ailment stated that aft allegedly stealing the schoolhouse network's money, Andrew "attempted to conceal the root of the stolen funds ... and marque it look that the stolen funds belonged to a non-profit enactment that Andrew founded, and presently appears to control."

            Prosecutors alleged Andrew misrepresented that helium "lawfully controlled" the wealth successful bid to get a discounted owe involvement complaint to bargain an flat successful Manhattan.

            CNN's Sonia Moghe contributed to this report.

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