Former convicted cop will get early release

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CHICAGO (WLS) -- Former Chicago constabulary serviceman Jason Van Dyke volition beryllium released from situation connected Feb. 3 aft serving a small little than 3 years and 4 months down bars.

Van Dyke, present successful his mid-40s, has been successful custody since his condemnation successful October 2018 connected aggravated artillery and 2nd grade execution charges for the shooting decease of Laquan McDonald. In 2014, Van Dyke shot the Black teen 16 times. Video of the shooting from a constabulary dashboard camera, released much than a twelvemonth later, was a cardinal portion of grounds successful the proceedings and inflamed nationalist absorption crossed the country. Van Dyke was recovered blameworthy of second-degree execution and 16 counts of aggravated battery.

Van Dyke was sentenced to six years and 9 months successful prison, truthful he'll beryllium serving astir fractional his condemnation aft receiving recognition for bully behavior.

Grace Memorial Baptist Church Pastor Rev. Marvin Hunter, McDonald's uncle, said helium was notified Friday of Van Dyke's pending release.

"It's a shame that Jason Van Dyke has a day that helium tin beryllium paroled and escaped from his past to a definite grade and Laquan McDonald tin ne'er person different birthday," Hunter said. "My supplication is that Mr. Van Dyke comes retired a antithetic antheral than erstwhile helium went in."

William Calloway, the activistic who was instrumental successful getting the dash cam video of the shooting released reacted to quality of Van Dyke's pending release.

"The national authorities has the ineligible authority, U.S. Attorney John Lausch has the ineligible authority, and helium has the motivation work to record national civilian rights charges connected Jason Van Dyke," Calloway said.

Van Dyke has spent the past three-plus years successful aggregate out-of-state prisons and astatine 1 constituent was assaulted portion successful the wide colonisation of a installation successful Connecticut. His attorney, Jennifer Blagg, who worked connected his entreaty said she doesn't cognize precisely wherever he'll beryllium released from adjacent month. He is presently successful an out-of-state installation successful protective custody.

"Well, I tin accidental that Jason doesn't privation to beryllium connected the media. He doesn't privation to person anybody covering him, I don't think. I can't talk for Jason, but I cognize what benignant of idiosyncratic helium is, and I deliberation helium conscionable wants to unrecorded his life," Blagg said.

And afterward, he'll walk astatine slightest 2 years connected parole and volition person to cheque successful with a parole serviceman connected a regular ground portion remaining successful the Chicago area.

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