Female Dr Who robs boys of role models, claims Tory MP

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Jodie Whittaker took implicit the quality of Doctor Who successful 2017 - the archetypal pistillate to beryllium formed successful the role

A Tory MP has linked young men turning to transgression to women playing traditionally antheral roles successful TV and film.

Nick Fletcher said "female replacements" successful shows similar Dr Who were robbing boys of affirmative relation models.

The lone characters they had to look up to were gangsters the Krays and Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders, helium said.

"Is determination immoderate wonderment we are seeing truthful galore young men committing crime?," helium told MPs taking portion successful a statement connected International Men's Day.

His comments were met with astonishment by Labour Party seat Anneliese Dodds, who said she thought she had "misheard" him.

The crushed boys turned to a beingness of transgression was "far much complex" than "who should beryllium the adjacent 007", she added.

The Westminster Hall debate, led by Mr Fletcher, discussed galore issues facing men, particularly attainment successful schoolhouse and the quality to sermon intelligence wellness problems.

Mr Fletcher besides listed immoderate statistics, including the information antheral termination rates are 3 times higher than women and that 96% of radical successful situation are men and boys.

He said determination had been a "creeping communicative that males person it easy, beingness is simply a breeze and they person thing to kick about".

But, helium added: "It is wide that beingness is pugnacious for galore men and young boys, and galore of our boys successful schools are acold from privileged."

He attacked the operation "toxic masculinity" - utilized to picture the unit connected men to instrumentality to accepted views of however they should enactment - saying it "vilified" men and led them to feeling "worthless".

And past helium turned to the "cultural sphere", claiming it shared the blasted for rises successful antheral violence.

'Men are near with the Krays'

Mr Fletcher said: "Everywhere... determination seems to beryllium a telephone from a tiny, but precise vocal, number that each antheral quality oregon bully relation exemplary indispensable person a pistillate replacement.

"One lone needs to look astatine the treatment astir who volition play the adjacent James Bond."

But helium said it went further than 007, adding: "In caller years we person seen Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, Luke Skywalker, the Equaliser, each replaced by women, and men are near with the Krays and Tommy Shelby.

"Is determination immoderate wonderment we are seeing truthful galore young men committing crime?"

The SNP's Gavin Newlands said helium thought the reboot of The Equaliser - a relation played by Denzel Washington, but much precocious taken connected by Queen Latifah - was "positive".

Speaking successful the debate, helium criticised the conception of International Men's Day altogether, calling it "a alternatively cruel gag concocted successful effect to feminism, women's rights and International Women's Day".

Mr Fletcher challenged him, saying the authorities should beryllium helping men beryllium "proud to beryllium men", alternatively than feeling "awful" astir their gender.

But portion Mr Newlands said helium had sympathy with the viewpoint, helium added that first, "we request men successful wide to instrumentality work for what men person done and proceed to do" - including making misogynistic comments oregon committing unit against women.

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Nick Fletcher said boys were lone near with transgression relation models - similar Peaky Blinder Tommy Shelby

International Men's Day began is celebrated connected 19 November successful much than 60 countries, according to the organisers.

In the UK, determination are debates and get-togethers held crossed the country.

The thought is to beforehand antheral relation models, summation consciousness of men's wellness issues, amended sex equality and item discrimination.

International Women's Day is celebrated astir the satellite connected 8 March, with events and demonstrations aimed astatine promoting women's equality.

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