Don't Look Up: Mixed reviews for Leonardo DiCaprio satire

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Don't Look Up stars an ensemble formed including (left to right) Jonah Hill, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence

Don't Look Up, Netflix's caller satirical sci-fi movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, has received mixed reviews from critics.

Director Adam McKay's movie is released successful UK cinemas connected Friday.

In a two-star review, The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw described the "slapstick apocalypse" diagnostic arsenic "laboured, self-conscious and unrelaxed", arsenic good arsenic lacking successful existent comedy.

"Don't Look Up is similar a 145-minute Saturday Night Live sketch," helium wrote.

This reviews round-up is spoiler free.

The film, written, produced, and directed by McKay, stars DiCaprio and Lawrence arsenic 2 astronomers who trying to pass the US president and the nationalist astir an approaching comet acceptable to destruct the satellite wrong six months.

Few radical instrumentality the brace earnestly to statesman with, and galore disregard it arsenic a hoax. The severity of the matter, however, becomes progressively hard to contradict arsenic the movie progresses.

The comet, Bradshaw noted, is simply a thinly-veiled metaphor for clime change. But, helium continued: "If the movie helps to bash thing astir clime change, specified captious objections are unimportant."

Don't Look Up features a star-studded ensemble formed which besides includes Cate Blanchett, Tyler Perrym Mark Rylance and Jonah Hill, arsenic good arsenic Timothée Chalamet, Ariana Grande and Meryl Streep.

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Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio play low-level astronomers with a deadly warning

Metro's Tori Brazier gave the movie 3 stars, writing: "Netflix has decided to subordinate the inclination for its accustomed festive warmth and good wishes this vacation play by releasing what is apt the astir depressing caller viewing enactment retired determination connected Christmas Eve - Don't Look Up.

"Don't get maine wrong, it's inactive engaging and adjacent humorous astatine times, and boasts the star-studded formed of the year... However, seeing a precise adjacent alternate world writ ample and truthful realistically connected the large surface is rather the caput travel aft what we've endured the past 21 months, and it's astir a small excessively adjacent to location to decently enjoy."

One of the film's main stars, DiCaprio, has been an progressive biology campaigner successful caller years. He warned that "climate alteration is real" during his winner's code astatine the 2016 Oscars ceremony.

Empire's Ian Freer was broadly affirmative connected the movie and awarded it 4 stars, viewing DiCaprio and Lawrence's characters arsenic "likeable if not particularly analyzable guides done the chaos".

"Don't Look Up is fundamentally Deep Impact played for yuks, Armageddon if it had a brain," helium wrote, referring to erstwhile apocalyptic cinematic efforts.

"It mightiness wound disconnected much than it tin chew, but it is often funny, highly ambitious brain-food. If you deliberation this is simply a Leonardo DiCaprio biology vanity project, past deliberation again."

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Jennifer Lawrence plays Dr Kate Dibiasky, who discovers the comet

McKay antecedently directed Vice and Step Brothers, and won an Oscar for champion adapted screenplay for 2015's The Big Short.

The Evening Standard Charlotte O'Sullivan said his latest movie is improbable to occupation the Academy, but arsenic an effectual portion of nationalist work it is "totally worthy looking up".

"Adults who grew up with Dr. Strangelove and/or Network volition emotion the mode McKay updates and tweaks those iconic epics. And a definite benignant of teen volition beryllium transported by the beingness of Ariana Grande," she wrote.

"As for the last scenes, they service up a rainbow-hued hell-scape (think Hieronymus Bosch, connected magic mushrooms) that truly needs to beryllium seen connected the large screen. Is that Streep's existent bare bottommost oregon a CGI apparition? All I tin archer you is that, though Don't Look Up has a humble budget, the wealth spent has been utilized wisely."

The movie volition beryllium released to Netflix subscribers connected Christmas Eve aft its two-week theatrical run.

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DiCaprio portrays Dr Randall Mindy, who becomes the look of the run to pass the public

In summation to the Hollywood A-listers successful the cast, the movie stars Scott Mescudi (aka US rapper Kid Cudi) - who, alongside Grande, provides the film's titular taxable song.

But according to The Hollywood Reporter's David Rooney, "the movie gets truthful cluttered with surplus characters and gratuitous prima casting that immoderate satirical heft is beauteous overmuch steamrolled".

"It's astir apt lone fitting that successful 2021 we get the end-of-the-world movie we merit - a cynical, insufferably smug satire stuffed to the gills with stars that purports to remark connected governmental and media inattention to the clime situation but truly conscionable trivializes it. Dr. Strangelove it ain't," helium said.

The manager himself, McKay, told Deadline earlier this month that helium preferred to comparison the movie to being "almost similar an aged Marx Brothers movie oregon Three Stooges, wherever intelligibly determination are mice escaped astatine the opera premiere, but they've got to screen it up."

He added that helium wasn't hoping to triumph implicit clime change-deniers, but alternatively promote astir different radical to enactment it to the apical of their precedence list.

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Meryl Streep plays a Donald Trump-esque US president

Variety's Peter Debruge felt that the main connection from the "smug, easy-target governmental satire" was that "humans are anserine and can't beryllium expected to hold connected anything, adjacent if their beingness depends connected it."

"McKay's code whitethorn beryllium grating, adjacent if you don't person to look acold to spot immoderate mentation of what he's ranting astir successful the existent world," helium concluded. "That makes Don't Look Up a antithetic benignant of catastrophe movie, wherever the menace isn't what's to travel truthful overmuch arsenic the authorities of affairs arsenic they present stand."

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