Dave Chappelle says he regrets not responding to Bob Saget’s last text

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Dave Chappelle says helium  regrets not responding to Bob Saget’s past  textDave Chappelle says helium regrets not responding to Bob Saget’s past text

Stand-up comedian and actor, Dave Chappelle connected Thursday revealed that the helium didn't respond to Bob Saget’s past message.

The comedian took signifier for a stand-up show successful West Hollywood, California. During his show helium recalled the precocious Full House prima who passed distant earlier this week.

Chappelle said, “Man helium conscionable texted maine and I saw the substance yesterday and I ne'er texted him backmost ’cause I was conscionable busy,” quoted TMZ.

“Yeah it happens. I’m conscionable saying this to punctual you; these moments are precious and erstwhile I travel retired astatine night, I’m not conscionable hanging out. I’m making memories. (Expletive), erstwhile I spell retired astatine night, I’m making history,” helium added.

The comedian besides told that helium volition be Saget’s ceremonial connected Friday to “go laic (his) comrade to rest”.

The precocious histrion was recovered dormant successful a edifice country connected Sunday astatine the property of 65. 

Authorities person not confirmed the origin of his decease yet, stating, “the origin and mode of decease are pending further studies and probe which whitethorn instrumentality up to 10-12 weeks to complete.”

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