Covid: UK coronavirus cases pass 10 million and vaccines safe in pregnancy

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Here are 5 things you request to cognize astir the coronavirus pandemic this Thursday evening. We'll person different update for you time morning.

1. UK coronavirus cases surpass 10 million

The UK has present recorded much than 10 cardinal coronavirus cases, government information shows. A further 47,240 cases were recorded connected Thursday, taking wide cases to 10,021,497, and determination were different 147 deaths wrong 28 days of a affirmative coronavirus test. The seven-day mean for cases is up by 9.5%, though the seven-day mean for deaths and patients admitted into infirmary is down 14.8% and 11.4% respectively. Look astatine UK cases here.

2. Covid vaccines harmless successful pregnancy, information shows

Covid vaccines are harmless successful pregnancy, caller English information has found, backing up planetary grounds connected their safety. The UK's Health Security Agency recovered akin rates of stillbirths and preterm births for vaccinated and unvaccinated mothers. Its study shows nary afloat vaccinated large women were admitted to intensive attraction with the microorganism betwixt February and September 2021. But conscionable 22% of women who gave commencement successful August had had astatine slightest 1 jab.

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3. Rise successful deaths among those successful cause and intoxicant treatment

There has been a 27% emergence successful radical dying successful England portion successful attraction for cause and intoxicant addiction during the pandemic, an authoritative study shows. Between April 2020 and March 2021, 3,726 radical died portion successful interaction with cause and intoxicant services - up from 2,929 the twelvemonth before. Changes to enactment and reduced entree to healthcare during lockdowns are apt to person been factors, the study says.

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4. Family of pistillate with Covid allowed to entreaty against end-of-life ruling

Relatives of a pistillate successful her 50s near brain-damaged and paralysed aft contracting Covid-19 person been told they tin entreaty against a ruling that she should beryllium allowed to die. The pistillate was admitted to Addenbrooke's Hospital successful Cambridge successful precocious 2020. A justice had ruled earlier this twelvemonth that nary much could beryllium done for her and life-support attraction should end. Her household challenged that determination and Appeal Court judges person present said the lawsuit should beryllium re-heard arsenic soon arsenic possible.

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A justice had agreed with specialists astatine Addenbrooke's Hospital that nary much could beryllium done for the woman

5. Christmas parties to beryllium smaller this year

Office Christmas parties volition beryllium smaller this year, the brag of 1 of the UK's biggest pub groups has predicted. Phil Urban of Mitchells & Butlers, which owns Browns, All Bar One and Harvester, said bookings for Christmas parties were coming successful arsenic "people are recognising that really they missed retired past year". But helium said it was apt parties would beryllium made up of smaller groups gathering successful suburban settings much than successful metropolis centres. Analysts person suggested that with much radical moving from location arsenic a effect of the pandemic, galore workers whitethorn not privation to carnivore the outgo of travelling into a metropolis determination for a enactment celebration.

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