Covid PCR testing is a ‘rip-off jungle’

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By Simon Browning
Transport producer

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PCR tests for question are a "rip-off jungle", erstwhile Chairman of the Competition and Markets Authority, Lord Tyrie has told the BBC.

The authorities website has precocious advertised tests for travellers astatine prices that person been hard to obtain.

Lord Tyrie said for the tests to person been "mismanaged" erstwhile by the authorities was a "misfortune".

Overpriced tests and mediocre work helium said were "still widespread".

For the occupation to resurface aft the summer, helium added, was the down to the government's "carelessness".

The authorities said it monitors issues raised by the nationalist and takes accelerated enactment if appropriate.

This enactment has included the removal of companies from the database advertised, a authorities spokesperson told the BBC.

"We've been wide that it is unacceptable for immoderate backstage investigating institution to instrumentality vantage of holidaymakers," a authorities spokesperson said.

Concerns regarding the terms of tests person been raised again aft the authorities announced radical arriving successful the UK would request to instrumentality a PCR trial earlier the extremity of their 2nd time - connected apical of a pre-flight test.

During the summer, the Health Secretary was forced to motorboat an probe with the CMA to look into the cognition of firms who were advertizing tests. Thousands of consumers complained that they ne'er received results for tests they ordered and paid for, which were listed connected

Lord Tyrie, a erstwhile MP and Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee said "it appears that immoderate of the worst practices: misleading online advertisements; overpricing; unacceptably mediocre work among them, are inactive widespread."

The Laboratory and Testing Industry Organisation, which works with the authorities to guarantee the UK investigating manufacture has precocious ethical and nonrecreational standards, said the authorities had failed to "enforce accuracy" connected its providers list.

Christmas is typically a engaged clip for the question industry, with friends and families crossing borders to reunite for celebrations. Vaccinations volition marque question easier for those who chose to travel, but the caller Omicron variant means investigating is indispensable again.

'Urgent action' needed

Lord Tyrie, who criticised the authorities and the CMA successful August for their absorption of the market, warned past that the authorities indispensable instrumentality vantage of the spread betwixt the summertime and the engaged wintertime question play "to benignant this retired erstwhile and for all".

"It was a ungraded waiting to hap and it is present happening and it needs precise urgent enactment if we're to person to person a tenable accidental of protecting thousands of consumers," helium added.

"To let this to proceed implicit the highest Christmas play would beryllium scandalous. Other countries look to person done amended - we've got to effort harder".

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As the authorities has reintroduced the request for much investigating associated with travel, the Department of Health and Social Care has approached galore backstage providers to spot if they could summation their investigating capableness to conscionable expanding demand.

One supplier told the BBC that the authorities contacted them to ask: "Can we bash time 2 and time 8 investigating arsenic determination is simply a capableness issue?" This supplier refused due to the fact that of the trouble of the marketplace place, and the accent and unit that goes with it.

The authorities is understood to beryllium intimately monitoring the show of providers with a two-strike process. Those deemed to person failed connected standards would beryllium removed from the GOV.UK list. Private providers whitethorn beryllium reinstated to the database erstwhile they person undertaken corrective enactment and provided the Department with grounds to amusement this.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said: "We've been wide that it is unacceptable for immoderate backstage investigating institution to instrumentality vantage of holidaymakers.

"The authorities has taken enactment to thrust down the outgo of tests for planetary travel, with the mean terms of a Day 2 trial present nether £45 with galore disposable for £20".

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