City names "Evelyn Zeckser Day" in honor of resident's 102nd birthday

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ALMA, Kan. (WIBW) - It is simply a solemnisation implicit a period successful the making for a precise peculiar woman successful Alma. So special, the metropolis named January 13th successful her honor.

Sheryl Thowe said the thought started with a elemental petition for day cards but grew into a city-wide celebration.

Evelyn Zeckser was calved January 13, 1920, successful Alma making Thursday her 102nd birthday.

“She looks astir 80 maybe, I mean you’d ne'er ever conjecture that she is 102 the mode she looks, acts, talks, immoderate of it,” said section Alma Bakery owner, Jeanette Rohleder.

The assemblage came unneurotic to people the juncture with a day parade.

Evelyn’s archetypal halt was the religion she was baptized successful arsenic a kid and wherever she aboriginal got married. She got a peculiar astonishment from the students astatine St. John Lutheran School who sang her blessed day and decorated the van she was riding in.

Next, the van got an escort by the Wabaunsee County Sheriff’s Office to downtown Alma. They traveled down the main thoroughfare wherever respective section businesses are participating successful Evelyn Zeckser Day.

El Corral Mexican Restaurant was selling tacos for $1.02 and Alma Bakery and Sweet Shoppe had cinnamon rolls for $1.02.

“It’s each astir Evelyn today,” Rohleder continued saying, “She is simply a peculiar woman and we person sold a batch of cinnamon rolls.”

Evelyn’s friends said it is the cleanable illustration of her impact.

“She ever has a grin connected her face, she ne'er says an unkind connection astir anyone, she is conscionable a precise kind, loving, beauteous idiosyncratic wrong and out,” said Thowe.

When asked, Evelyn said it is hard to enactment into words conscionable however overmuch this means to her.

“I don’t cognize however to explicate it, it’s conscionable exciting,” Zeckser added, “I can’t judge they would bash this for me.”

Evelyn loves to plot and inactive takes attraction of her own. She besides loves getting cards and truthful acold has received 83 this twelvemonth for her birthday.

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