Christmas dinner costs rise as inflation bites

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Christmas meal is acceptable to outgo much this twelvemonth with the terms of staples specified arsenic turkey, Brussels sprouts and Christmas pudding each higher, according to expert steadfast Kantar.

A repast for 4 present costs £27.48 connected average, up 3.4% from past year.

But this has not dented people's "desire to dainty themselves and loved ones" this Christmas, Kantar said.

The nutrient manufacture has been grappling with soaring vigor costs, proviso concatenation disruption and labour shortages.

The mean outgo of a frozen turkey has jumped 7% successful terms to £12.46, portion Christmas pudding, potatoes, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower are each up 5% compared with past year, Kantar said.

"As we number down connected our advent calendars to the large day, it's wide that shoppers privation to person immoderate amusive and marque this Christmas other special," Kantar said.

"Price ostentation doesn't look to beryllium denting their tendency to dainty themselves and loved ones, and supermarket premium own-label ranges, specified arsenic Tesco Finest and Asda Extra Special, are the fastest increasing ranges successful store."

In the past 4 weeks, market prices crossed the committee person jumped 3.2% compared with past November, Kantar said.

While this is the highest complaint of nutrient ostentation since June 2020, the probe steadfast said it had not affected buying behaviour truthful far.

"Habits we'd expect to spot shift, similar swapping branded products for own-label oregon seeking retired promotions, haven't altered conscionable yet," Kantar said.

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