China and Russia attack Biden's 'so-called' Summit of Democracy

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(CNN)Chinese and Russian authorities media are moving successful overdrive to denigrate the Biden administration's Summit for Democracy taking spot this week, calling the task hypocritical.

A flurry of tweets from Chinese diplomats notation to the lawsuit arsenic a "so-called" ideology summit, portion a Russian governmental commentator penning successful a state-run Chinese paper compared the US inaugural to "a mistress of a brothel teaching morale [sic] to schoolgirls."

That the media blitz is coming from authoritative mouthpieces — and not shadowy bots and trolls —reflects anxiousness implicit US efforts to rally enactment for antiauthoritarian norms and perchance isolate Beijing and Moscow successful the process, experts connected authoritarian propaganda archer CNN.

    "[China and Russia] spot this arsenic an accidental to exacerbate cynicism successful the governmental West and undermine immoderate headlines that travel retired of this summit," said Jessica Brandt, argumentation manager for the Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology Initiative astatine the Brookings Institution.

      'An alternate view'

        It's a acquainted playbook, the benignant of power cognition that the US volition apt person to contend with for years arsenic it competes with the repressive governments to signifier planetary opinions connected governance, according to analysts.

        "You're seeing this truly concerted effort [from China] to undermine US ideology and enactment guardant an alternate view," said Kenton Thibaut, a nonmigratory China chap astatine the Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab.

          The "Summit for Democracy" is 1 of the Biden administration's astir high-profile efforts to beforehand antiauthoritarian norms. The league volition diagnostic virtual meetings Thursday and Friday and impact representatives of 100 governments, on with civilian nine groups and journalists, according to the White House.

          "We attack this week with some humility and confidence. Humility successful that we privation to perceive and larn and don't shy distant from our shortcomings; assurance successful our changeless striving for a much cleanable union," Undersecretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights Uzra Zeya said Tuesday.

          The Biden medication plans to usage the acme to denote caller initiatives to combat corruption and support escaped and just elections, a elder medication authoritative told reporters. It pointedly invited Taiwan to participate.

          US announces funds to enactment    autarkic  journalism and reporters targeted for their work

          Chinese and Russian officials are trying to undercut that message.

          Over the weekend, China held its ain virtual International Forum connected Democracy, reportedly joined by politicians and scholars from much than 120 countries and released a achromatic insubstantial falsely claiming its one-party strategy is simply a ideology that works amended than the strategy successful the US.

          The ambassadors of China and Russia to the US fumed that the acme was "anti-democratic" successful a associated sentiment portion published successful precocious November by The National Interest, an American magazine. The Chinese and Russian diplomats falsely referred to their countries arsenic democracies.

          Bret Schafer, a elder chap who tracks disinformation astatine the Alliance for Securing Democracy, said that "democracy" has been the astir fashionable Twitter hashtag for Chinese diplomatic and different authorities accounts successful the past week.

          "It truly has been a messaging precedence [for China] for weeks," Schafer told CNN.

          When asked however the Biden medication mightiness antagonistic Russian and Chinese narratives astir the summit, a elder medication authoritative said, "Today, galore autocratic governments beforehand the falsehood that lone by restricting citizens' actions tin societies guarantee prosperity and security. Nothing could beryllium further from the truth."

          Biden confronts 2 rivals successful  24 hours

          Despite China's authoritarian governmental strategy and well-documented quality rights abuses, the country's propagandists spot the promotion of Chinese notions of governance arsenic a way to legitimacy connected the satellite stage, Thibaut said.

          "This is precise overmuch successful enactment with what China's been trying to bash the past mates of years, which is redefine definite concepts connected the satellite stage, including quality rights and democracy," she told CNN.

          Some experts are hoping the acme volition present tangible steps to combat the harm disinformation does successful democracies by spreading lies astir elections oregon the coronavirus.

            Nina Jankowicz, a chap astatine the Wilson Center, urged the Biden medication to physique enactment for an confederation to antagonistic the anti-democratic disinformation pushed by China, Russia, and different countries.

            "Disinformation from some overseas actors and home sources is threatening the bedrock of democracies astir the satellite and playing a large portion successful galore of the world's crises," Jankowicz told CNN. "It's important for the Biden medication to stress that information is simply a cornerstone of some the Biden epoch and the antiauthoritarian assemblage it hopes to build."

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