Channel migrants: UK officials head to France for talks after tragedy

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By Doug Faulkner
BBC News

The UK and France person held "positive" talks connected tackling trafficking pursuing the deaths of 27 radical successful the Channel, a authorities root has told the BBC.

British officials are travelling to France aboriginal connected Thursday to conscionable their equivalents and speech astir however they tin amended enactment together.

Home Secretary Priti Patel volition conscionable her French other fig connected Sunday, BBC News understands.

On Thursday more radical made the journey contempt Wednesday's deaths.

The 27 deaths marked the biggest nonaccomplishment of beingness by drowning successful the English Channel connected grounds and included 17 men, 7 women - 1 of whom was large - and 3 children.

France's interior curate Gerald Darmanin said determination prosecutors had launched an probe into aggravated manslaughter.

He said 2 survivors were successful a captious information successful a French hospital, wherever they are being treated for terrible hypothermia. One is Iraqi and the different Somali, helium told RTL radio.

A UK authorities root told the BBC's governmental exertion Laura Kuenssberg that talks earlier betwixt Mrs Patel and her French counterpart, Mr Darmanin, had been affirmative and that some countries had accepted determination needs to beryllium much collaboration betwixt the 2 governments to assistance tackle radical smuggling.

Earlier, Mrs Patel told Parliament determination was "no speedy fix" to tackle the contented but said she had spoken to her French counterpart to connection to enactment much officers connected the crushed and had continued to propulsion for associated patrols of the Channel.

She said that portion the drownings were a "dreadful shock", they were not a astonishment - describing the crossings arsenic "absolutely unnecessary".

"This is astir addressing semipermanent propulsion factors, smashing the transgression gangs that dainty quality beings arsenic cargo and tackling proviso chains," she said.

Calais MP Pierre-Henri Dumont dismissed the thought of associated patrols arsenic "crazy" and said it would not alteration thing on the immense shoreline.

French President Emmanuel Macron has called an exigency gathering of European ministers to sermon however to halt the crossings.

He said France was going to inquire for "extra help" from the British , adding that contempt authorities telling migrants they were capable to enactment successful France, they wanted to scope the UK.

Since the commencement of the year, 1,552 smugglers person been arrested successful bluish France and 44 smuggler networks dismantled, Mr Macron said.

Despite this, helium said 47,000 attempted Channel crossings to the UK took spot this twelvemonth and 7,800 radical were rescued.

Charles Devos, unpaid for the French National Sea Rescue organisation SNSM, was 1 of the archetypal to scope the country of Wednesday's calamity aft getting a mayday telephone from the coastguard.

He told French vigor presumption Delta FM helium and his unit picked up six bodies that were drifting successful the water.

"We passed adjacent to an inflatable vessel that was wholly deflated. What small aerial remained was keeping it afloat. I don't cognize if determination were children, but we picked up [the assemblage of] a large pistillate and a young antheral who was astir 18 oregon 20," helium said.

"It's hard to say, but I was expecting this, we cognize it would extremity successful tragedy, and contiguous sadly that's the case."

Despite the nonaccomplishment of beingness much radical made the unsafe crossing connected Thursday morning, with a radical wearing beingness jackets seen huddled unneurotic onboard a lifeboat adjacent Dover.

BBC News newsman Simon Jones said astir 40 migrants were brought into Dover by the lifeboat foundation the RNLI.

Labour person Sir Keir Starmer criticised Mrs Patel for "playing to the headlines" but "actually not achieving anything".

He said the UK should beryllium moving with the French authorities successful the makeshift camps, wherever the powerfulness of the radical smugglers was "far greater" than that of the authorities.

The UK has pledged to wage France €62.7m (£54m) during 2021-22 to assistance unafraid the borders.

It comes arsenic asylum claims made successful the UK person risen to the highest level successful astir 20 years, with 37,562 applications successful the twelvemonth to September.

The Dover Strait is the busiest shipping lane successful the satellite and has claimed galore lives of radical trying to transverse successful inflatable dinghies.

Record numbers of migrants are making the crossing from France to the UK and it is thought astatine slightest 10 different radical had died successful the past fewer weeks portion attempting to cross.

This twelvemonth much than 25,700 migrants person arrived successful the UK by boat, more than 3 times the 8,469 that did truthful successful 2020.

While the fig coming crossed the Channel by vessel has soared, that is lone portion of the representation regarding migrants - arsenic this twelvemonth has seen acold less utilizing different strategies to participate the state undetected.

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