Britney Spears furious at 'crazy lies' told by Jamie Lynn, denies knife story

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Britney Spears furious astatine  brainsick  lies told by Jamie Lynn Spears, denies weapon  storyBritney Spears furious astatine 'crazy lies' told by Jamie Lynn Spears, denies weapon story

Britney Spears is clapping backmost astatine younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears successful a bombshell caller societal media post.

Turning to her Twitter connected Friday, the popular prima said that her writer sister is conscionable spreading 'crazy lies' to get attention. 

"It's important to retrieve that I was a kid successful that moment," Jamie Lynn said successful an interrogation with Juju Chang arsenic she explained however Britney locked herself successful a country with a knife. "I was scared. That was an acquisition I had, but I besides was fearful to truly accidental thing due to the fact that I didn't privation to upset anybody — but besides was truthful upset that she didn't consciousness safe."

Responding to her claims, Britney wrote: "Jamie Lynn... congrats babe! You've stooped to a full caller level of LOW... I've ne'er been astir you ever with a weapon oregon would I ever adjacent deliberation to bash such!!!" Britney wrote. "The lone weapon I ever saw you with astatine location was cutting the biggest pieces of squash I ever saw successful my beingness and it was mode excessively large for maine to cut... So delight please halt with these brainsick lies for the Hollywood books!!!

She continued, "NOW and lone NOW bash I cognize lone a scum idiosyncratic would marque up specified things astir someone.... I'm really precise confused astir you making that up due to the fact that it's honestly not similar you astatine all!!!! Around the kids???? Jamie Lynn, seriously??? Come on!!! Congrats connected introducing your older sister the conception of getting LOW... LOWER... LOWEST... due to the fact that you triumph connected that one, babe!!!!"

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