Anger after 30-year-old letter thwarts abuse case

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By Andrew Picken
BBC Scotland News

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Maryanne Pugsley said she was "hugely frustrated" by the mode the lawsuit had been handled

The lawsuit against a antheral facing humanities intersexual maltreatment allegations was stopped aft a 30-year-old missive was uncovered successful which prosecutors gave up their close to prosecute him.

The erstwhile teacher was facing allegations astir his behaviour towards a pupil successful the precocious 1970s successful Ayrshire.

It is understood the allegations were archetypal made successful the 1990s and past revisited by Police Scotland successful 2016.

The lawsuit came to tribunal earlier this period but was deserted.

The 1992 missive from the Crown Office to the accused antheral includes a "unequivocal and unqualified announcement" that the prosecution work relinquished its rights to prosecute the idiosyncratic for the allegations.

Maryanne Puglsey, who made the allegations, told BBC Scotland she was "hugely frustrated" by the improvement and the mode the lawsuit had been handled.

The Crown Office has appealed the court's determination to extremity the lawsuit and said it has changed its procedures since 1992.

It said that erstwhile proceedings are discontinued now, letters to the accused "reserve the close to prosecute successful future" if circumstances change.

'I'm truthful bushed of repeating myself'

Ms Puglsey, who has a objective diagnosis of analyzable post-traumatic accent disorder, said: "Why was this missive not produced astatine an earlier stage, wherefore hold until February of this year, astir 5 years since the constabulary started to analyse my allegations?

"In full I person provided 12 statements associated with this lawsuit to the constabulary since 2016.

"I'm truthful bushed of repeating myself and continually processing what I comprehend to beryllium the failings successful this justness strategy and what were the safeguarding failings that fto maine down arsenic a child."

Ms Pugsley was informed of the 1992 letter, provided by the accused's solicitor, successful February this year.

The Crown Office told the mother-of-two determination would beryllium "no further action" arsenic it was "barred from taking proceedings" due to the fact that the missive to the accused "amounts to an unequivocal and unqualified announcement connected the portion of the Crown that they renounce their close to prosecute".

Changes to letters

Ms Pugsley utilized her statutory close to petition a reappraisal of the determination and this was upheld by the Crown Office, with the lawsuit past restarting and going to a ineligible arguments statement astatine Ayr Sheriff Court connected 2 November.

The result of this was that the sitting sheriff ended the lawsuit connected the spot of the 1992 missive sent to the accused by the procurator fiscal's bureau successful Ayr.

A spokeswoman for the Crown Office said: "We admit this has been a hard clip for those involved, and we person maintained interaction implicit the presumption of the case.

"The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service is committed to the effectual and just prosecution of humanities intersexual offences, and to continuous betterment successful its casework.

"When proceedings are discontinued, letters to the accused present routinely reserve the close to prosecute successful aboriginal if circumstances change."

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