Amazon workers plan Black Friday strikes

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Amazon workers successful 20 countries - including the US, UK, and respective successful the EU - are readying protests and enactment stoppages connected Black Friday.

The shopping-centric time is among Amazon's busiest each year.

The Make Amazon Pay radical says: "Amazon takes excessively overmuch and gives backmost excessively little."

It is backed by a conjugation of labour groups, commercialized unions, grassroots campaigns and non-profit-making organisations successful idiosyncratic countries.

In the UK, that includes the:

  • GMB Union
  • Trades Union Congress
  • Momentum
  • War connected Want
  • International Transport Workers' Federation
  • Labour Behind the Label

No UK Amazon warehouses are unionised, truthful galore employees volition beryllium moving connected the day, with the run groups staging protests astatine Amazon buildings successful Coalville, Leicestershire, Coventry, Peterborough and astatine its London headquarters.

But strikes are being encouraged elsewhere.

Worldwide, astir 50 organisations person signed up to a database of "common demands", published by the Make Amazon Pay coalition, which include:

  • raising warehouse workers' wage and adding hazard wage and highest clip increments
  • halting idiosyncratic "surveillance" and strict productivity targets
  • extending sick permission and improving Covid-19 tracking and reporting
  • ending casual employment presumption and "union-busting" activities
  • paying taxes without utilizing loopholes oregon taxation havens

"This institution is simply a pandemic profiteer tin spend to bash better," said Mick Rix, from the GMB Union. "It's clip for Amazon beryllium down with their workers' national GMB and marque Amazon a great, harmless spot to work. "

Amazon reported a tripling of profits earlier this year, attributed to its occurrence during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Five things to cognize astir Amazon brag Jeff Bezos

The institution has besides been accused of taking an anti-union stance crossed its operations, peculiarly successful the US.

A landmark propulsion to unionise a workplace successful Bessemer, Alabama, failed earlier this twelvemonth but was examined by the US regulator implicit allegations the institution had enactment unit connected employees during the vote.

Owen Espley, from the War connected Want run group, said: "Amazon's increasing powerfulness is simply a menace to communities and workers astir the world.

"Amazon is abusing its dominance crossed online retail, unreality services, and logistics, to make unfair contention that is driving down standards for everyone.

"Amazon workers look unsafe conditions, changeless surveillance and are treated similar robots.

"It's clip for Amazon to wage just wages, just taxes, and for its interaction connected the planet."

Amazon did not respond to a petition for remark connected the UK action.

But its representatives person told US media outlets it is already addressing galore of the concerns laid retired by the Make Amazon Pay group, portion admitting things "are not perfect" arsenic they are.

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