86-year-old fitness instructor inspires others

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TULSA, Okla. — The 2nd Friday successful January is known arsenic "Quitter's Day," the time radical are astir apt to springiness up their New Year's resolutions. If you're considering giving up yours, the communicative of Gerry Dunbar mightiness animate you to propulsion forward.

You see, Gerry is sassy, spirited, and whitethorn beryllium Oklahoma's oldest aerobics instructor.

"I'm 86! It's conscionable a number," says Gerry.

From pushups to planks, Gerry is simply a fittingness inspiration.

"There's cipher similar Gerry. She's a sweetheart; everybody loves her," says people subordinate Vivian Howard.

Gerry started teaching successful her 60s and has been going beardown for 25 years. The lone fittingness interruption this 80-something alleged 'Energizer Bunny' has taken was aft a superior diagnosis respective years ago. "During a regular check-up, doctors recovered a spot connected 1 of my breasts. I said, ok, what are we going to do? They said let's bash a mastectomy. I had it, and I was backmost teaching successful a month," recalls Gerry.

Gerry begins each people with prayer, grateful for her wellness and her students. "Before the pandemic, I was averaging 80-100 students, and 1 time I had 120 radical successful this gym," she says.

Her classes mean astir 50 present owed to the pandemic. Gerry says, "I don't complaint for this class. I bash it due to the fact that it's my heart. It makes maine filled with joy."

The classes are held 3 mornings each week connected Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30-9:30 americium astatine First United Methodist Church successful Broken Arrow. The escaped classes aren't conscionable for seniors; they're unfastened to each ages. The lone happening that Gerry asks is that each attendees are vaccinated. "We're trying to support ourselves, but others also," says Gerry.

Gerry is not the lone household subordinate successful fitness. Her 88-year-old husband, Bill Dunbar, is simply a erstwhile runner. "Until astir 3 years ago, I was doing the Tulsa Run," says Bill.

Now, Bill teaches a seat workout people crossed the hall. "It's the aforesaid clip arsenic this class, and it's for radical who can't bash my people now, not due to the fact that of age, but physically. It's besides a spot wherever you tin beryllium and speech to someone... and that's important," says Gerry.

You see, what's happening present is much than conscionable fitness; lives are being transformed done relationship too.

"We person started bunco groups; we person parties, we conscionable bash each kinds of worldly unneurotic now. If it wasn't for Gerry, I wouldn't cognize 99% of these people," says Vivian Howard.

It's a fittingness assemblage making large strides, acknowledgment to an 86-year-old who ne'er plans to enactment her age.

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